Sir Jeremiah Brackish

True Knight of Birmingham, Champion of Needle, Friend of the Dragon, Refugee


Name: Sir Jeremiah Brackish, True Knight of Birmingham, Champion of Needle, Friend of the Dragon, Refugee
Concept: British Gentleman Knight
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Invictus
Mask: Follower
Dirge: Perfectionist
Humanity: 7
Touchstone on 6: Peter Brackish, his younger son
Blood Potency: 3
Spent XP: 33/33
Kine for 46 years, Kindred for 52 years

Get approved feeding grounds
Get a Ghoul
Find Peter’s address

Intelligence 2
Wits 2
Resolve 2

Strength 2
Dexterity 3
Stamina 3

Presence 3
Manipulation 3
Composure 3

Derived stats:
Health 8
Willpower 5
Vitae 15
Defense 6 (8 with Weapon)
Initiative 6
Speed 10

Academics 1
Computer 0
Crafts 0
Investigation 0
Medicine 1
Occult 1
Politics 1
Science 0

Athletics 2
Brawl 1
Drive 0
Firearms 0
Larceny 0
Stealth 0
Survival 1
Weaponry (Short Blades) 4

Animal Ken 0
Empathy 1
Expression 1
Intimidation 1
Persuasion 2
Socialize (Etiquette, First Impressions) 4
Streetwise 2
Subterfuge 1

Celerity 2
Resilience 1

Status (Birmingham Invictus) 3
Ally (Birmingham Ordo Dracul) 1
Oath of the True Knight (SotC, pg 191) 4
Oath of the Refugee (SotC, pg 191) 2
Courtoise (style) (SotC, pg 187) 1;2;3
Status (Birmingham) 1
Cacophony Savvy 2
Sympathetic 2
Defensive Combat (Weaponry) 1
Fighting Finesse (Short Blades) 2
Light Weapons 1;3
Armed Defense 1;2;4
Kindred Dueling 1;2;3
Total Merit dots: 30

Dirk: +1 dmg, -2 Init, 1 Str, 2 Size, 2 Availability, Piercing 1


Sir Jeremiah Brackish – native of Birmingham, he was born in a family which for five generations had a small family restaurant not far from the center of the city, with oldest son taking the business when coming of age. He lived an idyllic life there – the family was old-fashioned, so manners and chivalry were the first virtues taught to the young child, and his family had enough money to send him to one of the best private schools in whole Britain, even though he was not exactly the model student as expected. He had a few friends there, but no notable ones, but he didn’t care much. His hobbies included fencing and dancing, to which he took quite a liking, even though it was parents’ idea first and foremost. And so his years went as he was being groomed… for more than he knew.

On his 18th birthday, his father invited him to meet some of his business friends in the restaurant. He was a bit surprised that the meeting was organized at 11 o’clock, when he usually would go to bed, and an hour past official closing time – although he knew that there would be occasions when the restaurant stayed open for way longer. And he will never forget the first impression of what he saw there – everyone apart from his father looked cold and pale, like something had their life drained from them. There was also something… wrong about few of them, though he couldn’t tell at the time that they were Haunts. Most of the people were chatting by their empty tables, except for one table where his grandfather was sitting and reading the evening newspaper. He didn’t seem to have aged a day, even though he only saw him in photos, as parents told him that he explored the unknown parts of Amazon. Jeremiah’s father asked him to introduce himself to his grandfather, and so he approached him – even though it was weird that grandfather also looked cold.

“I am Jeremiah and I am honored to finally meet you, grandfather. My father told a lot about your adventures.” He bowed and politely started the conversation, at which his grandfather only chuckled. Over the evening Jeremiah’s world broke apart – no previous relative who owned the restaurant for time had ever left Birmingham. Instead, they were given same choice as he was about to get tonight – pledge to become an Invictus Gentleman, or have your memory of this day wiped and the next heir in line getting claim for the restaurant – which was actually the main Elysium for all the City’s Kindred. Over the night he was tutored about the rules of the Society, the Clans and Covenants, and that in 20 years, after grooming his own son for Invictus, he would be Embraced and join the Eternal Life. He was told about the wonders of the powers he would get, and what wonders existed right in front of his eyes. His father was actually to be Embraced in the end of night. Although at first he was appalled to hear that his family were vampires, eventually Jeremiah was swayed into agreeing.

The next 20 years he was tutored by his grandfather about the intricacies of Kindred life, the politicking and bickering happening behind the scenes, and way more. During the time he married his classmate and had two sons of his own, Jack and Peter, whom he groomed similarly to his father. Jack was the older one and so he got the offer, which he accepted, whereas Peter emigrated to USA to find the American Dream, and at the age of 46, Jeremiah became immortal.

Because of the grooming, he immediately got invited into Invictus, and his father even helped him in getting his own Vassal. As well, by claiming the restaurant, he was appointed the Master of Elysium and given his first duties, which he made sure to always fulfill to the fullest. So went his next 20 years, after which he became Sir, as did the previous relatives at that time.

True Knight of Birmingham – After Jack came of age for Embrace, Jeremiah was free to pursue anything he wished. Over the years, he kept his practice of fencing fresh, and he saw quite some injustice to the First Estate, so he decided to become a Knight. It took him 5 years of training to become Knight-Initiate, and then five more to become a True Knight – which meant that he was forbidden from council votes to remain unbiased, stayed neutral in all in-covenant arguments, and was the shield and champion for when the First Estate was slighted.

Champion of the Needle – There were two more True Knights asides from him when he was anointed as one. The trio were such good friends that they were even jokingly called ‘the British Musketeers’. Amongst themselves, they had witty nicknames named after their choice of weapons. Thunderstick was master at firearms, especially the flintlocks; Fang was a martial artist, knowing at least 5 arts, both Western and Eastern; and Jeremiah was called Needle for his affinity to fight with small arms – daggers, dirks and rapiers. The nicknames eventually stuck outside of the trio too, and eventually the whole Invictus called them their Champions.

Friend of the Dragon – This title has caused quite a few problems for Jeremiah. Peter, his younger son, was planning vacation in Britain with his family, and Jeremiah felt the urge to see them, but being a Kindred, that was very hard to arrange properly. He knew that Kogaion of Birmingham had knowledge of how to temporarily shed the vampiric state and enjoy a day or two as a mortal, and so the Knight pleaded him to get a chance to meet his family. The price the Kogaion set was high – to afterwards serve Ordo as Sworn of the Axe for a year and 7 days. Ignoring all the political backlash that this would cause, he accepted and he had the best week of his life. He always relishes the fact that he could see his grandchildren, unspoiled of nightly life.

But the week eventually ended and he became Kindred again – and his servitude began. Soon he was called traitor and otherwise mocked, especially by the less experienced Misters, who were young enough to even dare challenge him in a duel. Luckily, his camaraderies understood Jeremiah’s choice and so he never had to fight them – and over the year he won all 7 duels which were caused due to slander. Although he dutifully performed anything requested of him by his new masters, he always swore that the First Estate was first and foremost and still championed for it in his free time – which the Kogaion gave quite some, being satisfied with Jeremiah’s work. Eventually Jeremiah started respecting the Ordo, their goals, and made quite a few friends there – which he would still help out even after his year ended (as long as that didn’t interfere with his True Knight’s Oath). So it wasn’t seen as a surprise by older Kindred that after a couple of years, in one of the rare occasions when Kogaion met with the First Councillor of First Estate, they together proclaimed him “Friend of the Dragon” for strengthening the bond between two covenants. This did cause slight uproar amongst more conservative members, but over the years it was mostly forgotten.

Refugee – And so we come to the present, with Sir Jeremiah Brackish being 46 in mortal years and 52 in Kindred. The Invictus rule was always strong in the town, yet it gave enough leeway for other covenants, respecting them and trying to find ways to fit them into the grand scheme. The City rarely saw big troubles – most of the incidents and bad blood would be fixed rather quickly. But so were Invictus lulled into. After one of the Grand Elysium meetings, which lasted for a week, they were still in festive mood when the first killings started. The Circle of the Crone was tired of the stagnant and soft rule that the First Estate drove the City and decided to take the reins in their hands. They plotted for a very long time, because quickly half of the Council was eliminated or missing, and the Invictus were clearly at their weakest if they were to respond to the direct confrontation. Jeremiah was away during the beginning of it, so he couldn’t even defend anyone, for which he was terribly sorry.

Seeing that there was no way to retain control and survive if they stayed in Birmingham, the remaining Invictus met in secret and devised a plan. They all swore the Oath of the Refugee, and their historian found something what was supposed to make sure they reclaim the Birmingham in time. It was a retelling of Jerusalem Christian Kindred in the 7th century, how they were in a similar situation due to Arabian conquest and the pogroms that happened after. There, they swore an oath which would after long enough call back all the surviving Kindred into a nearby place where they would be met favorably, and from there they would wage the war for their native lands. After almost 500 years, this became the First Crusade.

Being desperate, Birmingham Invictus decided to reenact this (which they called Oath of the De Jure Claim in hope to bring it to validity) and all pledged to return after 100 years with whatever support they could get to reclaim what was rightfully theirs. After that they all fled to different sides, some in groups, some alone. Jeremiah took a few days to look for his brothers-in-arms. Fang died while protecting the First Councillor, whereas Thunderstick was missing. On the last day, he managed to get in contact with him – he was safe in Coventry, among friends of old, and invited Needle to join. But Jeremiah feared Coventry was too close and having two esteemed Knights in one place was certain to bring attention. They both promised to keep in contact, and then parted. Jeremiah used up his last few favors to get himself flown in the box to New Jersey, where Peter was living, in hopes to make a new life there, hoping that Invictus name was carried there. He did try finding ways to contact Jersey City’s Cacophony of his arrival, but he wasn’t even sure if that existed. He also made sure that his box was properly marked to notify any literate Kindred that an Invictus Knight was travelling in this box. He got an enthralled mortal to fly with him, who would claim the box in Jersey City and then off load it in some alleyway in town and release him at night. And so he was in the box, in the plane flying over Atlantic…

Sir Jeremiah Brackish

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